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How to get your api key

Url of the environments

Access the platform through one of the available environments.

  1. Go to the Configuration > Access Control section
  2. Select your user, or create a new one
  3. Navigate to the bottom of the page, in the section Integration via User API
  4. Create or copy your api key to get started
Be aware
  • Your API Key carries privileges, therefore keep it safe.

Do not inform it during calls or expose it in your application front-end.

For authentication you must use a specific API-Key, this method is only available if you provide the IP addresses of your server.

Both API Key need to be present in the Authorization Header as a RFC 6750 Bearer Token. Ex.: Bearer: API-KEY or Bearer: access_token

Security Scheme TypeHTTP
HTTP Authorization Schemebearer
Bearer format"API-Key"