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We call the entire flow of issuing digital charges as Payin solutions. Payin is the act of collecting funds from third parties and remitting them to the beneficiary. This dynamic happens, for example, whenever a purchase is made within Brazil and paid for in some e-commerce.

WePayment's role in this flow is to facilitate the processing and management of these charges and, through a single platform, enable the issuance of digital charges via Boleto Bancário and Pix QR Code.

In general, with our Payin product you can:

  • Create a single Billing via Bank Billet;
  • Create a single Billing via PIX QR Code;
  • Create a single credit card charge;
  • Create a Recurring Billing rule via PIX QR Code;
  • Cancel a Recurring Billing rule;
  • Consult status of your charges;
  • Make withdrawals from your wallet;
  • Check your wallet balance;
  • Filter, sort and export lists of processed charges;

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