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Everything you need to know about chargeback functionality

Refund PIX

The refund can be requested within 90 days after payment and this request can be made via API or dashboard. As soon as the refund is requested the payment amount is reimbursed to the original payer.

Flow pix

Refund with Split

We provide three refund options that can be chosen when generating the charge, in the refundMode field, once the option is chosen it is not possible to change afterward. See below the explanation of these modes against this example: Purchase of R$100.00 where 10% remained with the merchant and 90% remained with the sub-wallet.


This is the default option that all charges are generated, the debit will be applied against the Merchant account, no impact to the other sub-wallets. Example of a purchase for BRL: 100.00, the Merchant will be charged the full amount paid, BRL: 100.00.


This option is the opposite, the debit amount will impact only the sub-account or the sub-wallet involved in the split. Rule for this model: maximum of 1 participant in the split. Example of a purchase BRL: 100.00, the full amount paid will be debited from the Sub-portfolio, that is BRL: 100.00.


This option will be used when sending the splits object when creating the refund, and has priority over the refund_mode chosen when creating the charge. Each refund split contains the identification of the recipient and the amount that will be refunded. As a rule, more than one split may be used in the refund as long as the sum of the values of all splits does not exceed 100% of the refund amount (whether total or partial). All recipients sent in the refund must have an available balance and must also have participated in the creation of the charge. For each split, the identification of the recipient and the amount to be debited from each one must be passed. When the sum of split amounts is less than the amount defined in the refund, the difference will be debited from the main account. For example: A refund of BRL 100.00 was requested, stating that in recipient #1 the amount will be 20%, and in recipient #2 the amount will be 30%. When processing the refund, BRL 20.00 will be debited from recipient #1, BRL 30.00 will be debited from recipient #2, and the remaining amount (BRL 50.00) will be debited from the main account.

Bank Slip (Boleto) Refund

A bank slip can be paid via Internet banking and in cash at the lottery,if a refund is needed in this scenario, the merchant must contact our CX team to check the alternatives available.